1. wes

    So… she peed herself?

  2. Ed

    Her pussy must have popped.

  3. wow she leaves some wicked snail marks~

  4. GuidotheRed


  5. Josephus

    This will forever ruin that scene in “Rounders” for me.

  6. Deacon Jones' Girlfriend

    This photographer must be REALLY good looking.

  7. Dutch

    Depends: They’re not just for seniors anymore.

  8. Bookemdano

    Christy had to decide what to cover up to minimize the attention. In New York City which is more common – wet t-shirt or homeless person wetting themself.

  9. sick

    LOL I give all comments +1, especially the first 3!

  10. doogleberg

    Who IS this fucking dude, anyway?

  11. Senor Trout

    When did Yoda get taller and grow out his hair?

  12. good job…hold the jacket closed so the photographers can’t snap pics of your cold perked nipples…but leave the gigantic swath of crotch sweat exposed.

    please let that be sweat…even though none of the rest of her looks sweaty.

  13. CrisTilda SwinTurlington.

  14. “If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Christy Turlington.”

  15. The Critical Crassness

    I see her Depends were defective. Old age must really be a bummer, especially for former models!

  16. Lita

    Damn Smeagol got tall!

  17. Marley B.


  18. If only there was something, some kind of device, that could close the front of my coat…oh, well…I will just use my hand…

  19. Maybe she’s born with it…

  20. TomFrank

    This is a big comedown after the Kristen Bell sideboob post.

  21. fartbucket

    this is why you don’t go swimming in your underwear.

  22. Dtox

    She can smell what the rock is cooking

  23. whiskeyafternoon

    new rule: even if you used to be a supermodel, when you’re over 50, please don’t wear the stretchy pants anymore.

  24. I find the crotch sweat kinda sexy. It turns me on.

  25. Somebody needs to order up some Rosie-the-Riveter brand crotch-pads.

  26. Double D

    She ran into FIsh while jogging and got THAT wet.

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