1. She has granny feet

  2. ad nauseum

    Harris: “I’m sorry, I really am. You are just not hairy enough. I hope I didn’t waste your time”

  3. Josephus

    And suddenly NPH felt an inexplicable tingling…

  4. “Did I ever tell you that your chest looks like the ass of a fat 16 year old boy?”

  5. YAY FINALLY!!! waited all day for this one. bravo hendricks. any chance just nude next time??

  6. dem titties

    Those tits should be able to turn him straight

  7. LilaJoy

    Gay or not, I’d fuck them both!

  8. Deacon Jones

    And you didn’t devote a separate post with multiple pics of her WHYYYY?!

  9. Those cankles are the sacrifice one makes for great tits.

  10. Josephus

    I think I’d be more aroused if she was shirtless and he had the negligee on.

  11. Bucky Barnes

    Neil: “Strap this on, honey… please.”

  12. doogleberg

    Are you guys kidding me? This bitch is ugly…and I can’t believe Deacon – of all people – lusts after fat white ass.

    • argleblargle

      Agreed. First thought when I saw this was someone put a bad wig on my grandma. Barf.

      • Jealous flat fat chick

        Her face is ugly as hell and she is fat. Her tits are probably covered in huge purple veins with huge nipples. Pass. Not saying she should be a twig but she is not attractive in my book.

    • Charmless Man

      FINALLY!! Someone who shares my opinion of her. Massive boobs do not a hottie make. Those things are going to be dragging between her legs in 20 years. Ick.

  13. This looks underwhelmingly less than LEGEN -wait for it- DARY.

  14. Well they managed to make Christina look as sexually unappealing as my grandmother in a nightgown…well done guys, just great. I’m gonna go rub one out now.

    • Jovy

      She does not look attractive in these pictures. In fact she looks like a fucken cow and the only thing attractive about her are her massive tits; the rest of her is just massive.

  15. lauryn


  16. For some guys, actin’ just comes natural.

  17. John Eric

    awww, bless.
    Christina’s big toes are still trying to flee East and West to try to
    get out of the shade.
    Too bad bunions (like onions) flourish there…

  18. Cinnie

    Those aren’t feet, those are HOOVES. Ick ick ick.

  19. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    That’s one FAT lady. And I got news – huge boobs don’t count if everything else is huge too. You do know what they would look like without a bra, don’t you? Gross.

  20. Mr Obvious

    How gay is NPH? Is he gay enough to fight the power of those breasts?

  21. Marley B.

    Neil Patrick Harris is screaming in his head (in a Valley Girl voice)…”Eeeew titty-meat! Gag me with a spoon! Okay, let me just pretend those are two identical and really massive penises! I’m okay!”

  22. Turd Ferguson

    Other than the huge rack not much to look at …

  23. fooey

    Oh my god, those toes…think of the children won’t you?

  24. MellonMuncher

    Holy Jesus! Those mellons are begging to be seen. They are practically jumping outta that top. All you BBW haters bitter cause yo’ mama’s tits were dried up watering holes the size of raisins when you were toothless chaps. You fucking whinos!

  25. ….and still no erection.

  26. Broadway……lol. They apparently hire anybody willing to play a hetero male.

  27. fooey

    her feet look like Rocky Dennis’ face (RIP)

  28. DiddyK

    Neil: “GOD-Daayyyyymmmmn lookit them tig bittys!!… sh#t.. gay.. I’m gay..penis”

  29. chainsawbuzzkill

    Why shouldn’t I wear pointy shoes all day every day?

    Oh right, Christina Hendricks’s feet. (And they look weird with a garbage collector’s uniform, too, but that’s beside the point.)

  30. Stephanie

    She’s got the feet of an 87 year-old, and the boobs of 87 women.

  31. to all the men wanting her to unleash those beasts i mean breasts: be careful what you wish for.. boobs that big can smother and suffocate you and then swallow you whole.

  32. Chet

    NPH used a the time machine to go back to his Doogie years, but finds himself in the year 1918 and married to this instead. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, he catches a glimpse of her feet.

  33. Normal Male

    Her tittays are great! Feet, no so much. Those are some jacked up toes from balancing those big ol’ funbags in high heels.

    Any of you Mensa rejects ever consider that maybe she either put on a few pounds for the stage role or she’s wearing some extra padding underneath her slip to alter her appearance?

    Show us the bewbs!

  34. BenDoverman

    I love dem bunions on Henny, they prolly smell of onions.

  35. “if she had a penis, she’d be perfect,” he said.

  36. Dali


    So fat.

  37. Audrey Jo

    I know a lot of sexy, charming chubby or fat people, women and men. They make great lovers, too! (Yet I don´t know one single attractive person in bad humor!)
    How many slim women are a turn-on, if you just look around? She´s absolutely feminine – plus her eyes, her mouth, her skin, her tighs. SO the real question is: how gay are you guys, staring at her feet, with so much else to enjoy? Naomi Campbell, Katie Holmes, Alessandra Ambrosio and so many others have bunions. If that is ll it takes not to get a hard-on, maybe you are picking one vary unbelievable excuse.Where I come from, men would die happily crushed on those boobs.

  38. anonym

    those are definitely real

  39. duder

    I would crawl through 15 miles of broken glass to suck the dick that fucked that ass.

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