1. Tyler Perry

    Didn’t know he was still alive, hmm.

  2. Oldnslo

    Snake Pliskin!

  3. Josephus

    So if I put a fleece and basketball shorts on when I go to buy the paper, will people think I’m jogging, too?

  4. Matty

    If you look closely, the patch on his hoodie is an inspirational message that says “Any Job”.

    • The Critical Crassness

      What it really says is “Ron Jon Surf Shop” meaning it is probably a leftover costume piece from “Cocoon” since out-of-work actors have to economize.

  5. Senor Trout

    If I looked that much like Michael Lohan I think I’d hold my head underwater until the bubbles stopped.

  6. Still alive after all… I just lost $10.

  7. Deacon Jones

    He’s got an old school “Ron Jon” sweatshirt.

    He’s permanently cool in my book from this point on.

    • UY

      Ron Jon is now the Hard Rock Cafe of surf shops. No longer “One of a Kind”.

      • Deacon Jones

        Yes, but he’s got the one from LBI. “The Original”

        And having spent every summer there, I can estimate that sweatshirt at 10-15 years old. Any sooner, and they started putting all kinds of shit on the sleeves and the logo was made bigger

  8. fasterpssycat

    Number 5 is alive!!! Seriously though, I thought he died in some police brutality incident that got swept under the rug because, really, everyone agrees that somebody had to pay for those f*cking movies.

  9. sparkymcgee


    He’s on his paper route.

  10. Bob Hopeless

    Jesus Fuck! Steve Guttenberg still walks the earth? What the hell are those bastards at Homeland Security doing?

  11. I feel so good about myself right now. And fuck no I’m not even jogging.

  12. That’s not jogging…

    Leave it to Steve Guttenberg to remind the entire world both that he’s still alive, and that Power Walking is a real thing.

  13. Wow, it looks like he and Josh Duhamel both get their legs waxed at the same salon.

  14. Steve's Agent

    Dear Steve,
    Put the phone down. No one has needed to be in contact with you (including me) in two decades.

    PS- The only thing missing from your photo of “Extinct Crap” is a dinosaur and the guy that made the funny mouth noises in the Policy Academy noises.

    Your Agent.

  15. Looks like you’re staying in great shape Steve. Why?

    • es

      love this comment. if you watch the episode of Party Down with him on it you’ll see that he’s pretty damn ripped, and also surprisingly funny.

  16. Marley B.

    I’ve heard of the Celebrity A-List, but what list is he on now? Is there like a W-List?

  17. Turd Ferguson

    He’s actually playing fetch, you just cant see his owner.

  18. He’s auditioning to play LiLo’s dad on the Biography Channel.

    (got nothing)

  19. DeucePickle

    I think the real shock here isn’t that he’s alive, it’s that someone recognized him….and then took his picture

  20. castallare

    He looks just as surprised to see the paparazzi as we are to see him.

  21. It’s not “jogging” if you just smashed out a window in some stranger’s BMW to exchange your bum-clothes for a pair of shiny shorts.

  22. Charmless Man

    That’s a copy of Variety in his hands. He just discovered there’s a remake of Police Academy and he’s running to see if they need him.

  23. Wow. I guess you really Can’t Stop the Music.

  24. What we don’t see is Police Academy co-star Michael Winslow running behind him making old man knee cracking sounds….

  25. Nooken

    Holy shit, I thought for sure that was Michael Lohan but then I realized that he’d be wearing a mesh shirt.

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