1. Latest project is Resident Evil: Mailing It In, I’d imagine.

  2. GuidotheRed

    It’s good to see David Bowie can still find work.

  3. Cock Dr

    Avoid direct sunshine to preserve those past illusions of prettiness.

    • The Critical Crassness

      CD, there never was an illusion of prettiness, just a willingness to disrobe for the cameras. Success in Hollywood is apparently all fantasy, also.

  4. Whatever – still outhotting half the Disney-Demon offspring.

  5. btreese

    Deborah Harry….

  6. I hope it’s “Mila: Hard Core Porn While People Will Still Pay To See It”

  7. Mike

    I would totally bump wieners with David Bowie in this scenario.

  8. Marley B.

    Somebody had better tell Corbin Dallas to come and save Lilu. Maybe the 5th Element is Botox!

  9. Mary

    Mila is stunning! I can’t believe her skin is as beautiful as ever and she is a smoker??? I have never seen her smoke before.

  10. m3essential

    The Thin White Duchess?

    uncanny. . .

  11. DeucePickle

    Sweet gut flap

  12. Hot, except for the precancerous lesions forming on her lungs

  13. Double D

    Leather cuffs on her wrists. Thick leather belt around her waist. Was she just let go by the Gimp?

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