1. Whatcha got there Nic, that a pink slip?

  2. Josephus

    If only the stack of pink slips came “on the set of real life.”

  3. Lizonious

    He looks like Jesse James without all that ‘Nazi’ vibe going on.

  4. doogleberg

    Those designer jeans constitute exactly 50% of his net worth.

  5. He just called Travolta for the Face/Off sequel, Hair/Off.

  6. Keep it up Nick! After “Medallion”, you only have to do 37 more movies to get out of debt. Maybe next time ONE castle is enough.

  7. desabrey

    He’s not working. He’s hitchhiking!

  8. This guy’s got the range of a K-mart walkie talkie.

  9. The Critical Crassness

    Pictured here, Nicholas Gage in his new job as the lot boy at an RV and trailer sales lot!

  10. Marley B.

    LMAO @ Mancuso! Hair/Off…bwahahaha!

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Really aging well.

  12. Colin

    Nicolas Cage on the set of Medallion in New Orleans. He’s not actually in the movie; we think he just lives here.

  13. blt

    Nicolas Cage stars in “Kick Box: The Michael Lohan Story”

  14. E

    The invisible briefcase bit is good. Clearly he’s a better mime than an actor.

  15. “on the set” ??? who the fuck is still giving this man work?!

  16. Another Hollywood retard with tough guy tats.

  17. “Sorry guys, can’t talk. Gotta make it to the set of my next movie… I was told that if I showed up late again, they’re just going to replace me with a cardboard cutout of myself.”

  18. Cornbread

    He’s one Hawaiian shirt and two Manhattans away from Nick Nolte status.

  19. Charmless Man

    He’s off to his trailer to SHIIIIT BLOOOOD!!

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