1. DeucePickle

    I knew Bigfoot was real !

  2. Frank Burns

    I’m becoming convinced that after Photo Boy suffers through picture after picture of douchey and/or pathetic celebrities, he hungers for something, anything that looks decent in a bikini, hence the beach photos at the end of the galleries. We salute you, Photo Boy!

    • I dunno. I think it’s great that Rita Rusic looks like this as she nears 52, but Photo Boy’s lust for her seems to be approaching Oedipal territory.

  3. pretty scary

    rita rusic
    prince charles
    theres gotta be a connection.

  4. Looks pretty good for an old broad. Just wondering, though, does she wear this bikini even to church, and if so, how would I actually find that church?

  5. irishboyo

    who is this cunt and why should i care?

  6. All right, Photo Boy! Enough with the pictures of your mom!

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