1. Dick Hell

    Didn’t this guy used to live in a compound in Abbottabad?

  2. edamame

    Yeah, that salmon-colored scarf really completes the look.

  3. EricLr

    When ya’ gettin’ back to the war, flyboy?

  4. Yo, Adrain…you got a permit to carry that nose?

    I used to kind of like this guy. Sometimes. What the fuck happened to his career?

  5. MarkM

    Look at me! I’m a gay, Rastafarian, pilot, jogger!

  6. gumption

    This guy is a great actor. And he is pretty damn good looking. Go check out the shots of him when he is not walking around this cold as hell city just trying to survive.

  7. bob

    he’s mouthing : “douche”

  8. Cliff Scheckelman

    quite a snozz!

  9. dooood

    is poepoezao like some kinda trendy hollywood cult religion now?

  10. neo_v

    nice ascot Freddie Jones

  11. Leather, sweats, scarf, douche.

  12. 2003: Oscar
    2012: Gillette commercial.
    Career trajectory fail.

  13. Dashwood

    “Hey, I’m one of those guys in the razor commercial. Really, it’s true.”

  14. JungleRed

    I see Cyrano hasn’t lost his panache.

  15. catapostrophe

    “Don’t make me cut a bitch with my face blade, now!”

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