1. Jerk Off Yoga

    I know that you know that I know. Now, could we drop this I wasn’t really pregnant thing.

  2. Was this taken when her water broke?

  3. Haddo01

    The moment God told her to name her kid Blue Ivy, so that she can grow old and sprinkle the world with her magic talent-amalgamation fairy dust

  4. Beyonce, I’m not particularly interested in you. However, you are easy to look at. So remove your top or vanish. Kkkk…??? Buh-by now!

  5. Bonky

    Did I leave that baby in the car ? Damn, this is gonna bug me all afternoon.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Let me guess, now Beyonce is shooting a Long John Silver commercial?

  7. rosa

    giving birth again, this time she rented an entire sea water.

  8. s0_fly

    “Baby Blue, Where you at gurl?” I can’t find you!!!”

  9. The Brown Streak

    “This clotheshanger? Ummm…I’m going fishing with it. Yeah, that’s it. The blood? Oh, there’s a shark nearby. Yeah, that’s it.”

  10. Jill

    THOSE are NOT “new mama” boobs. I’m SURE of it.

  11. bbiowa

    Thought it was Queen Latifah finally taking Jenny Craig seriously.

  12. oh I thought that was Kim Kardashian

  13. She was obviously never pregnant. Couldn’t take the chance on ruining her body with a child. Smart move, she knows where her money comes from.

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