1. Shit! That was some good coke.

  2. looks like justins mom dresses his bodyguards too.

  3. “Come back! I was supposed to get THREE wishes!”

  4. Bodyguard: “Get the car ready. Mr. dick in a box wants to make a three o’clock Taco Bell run!”

  5. Alex

    Dick in a walki-talike.

  6. I’m with JT. If I saw the dude from Gangstarr walking around I’d be pretty freaked out too.

  7. Mcdoubler

    “Seriously dude? you really want me to go uncle phil on your ass?”

  8. “Dude, I thought Uncle Phil was DEAD!?”

  9. Gordon GEICO

    He looks like he just got done hanging out with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

  10. tlmck

    So Sinbad is a bodyguard now?

  11. What the fuck is Justin Timberlake doing hanging out with Justin Bieber’s dad?

  12. Good to see he shares the drugs with the help.

  13. “Nothing to see here. Just two black guys out for a stroll.”

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