1. He’s adjusting his boner-control strap.

    • Ralph

      With so much steroids in his body, his d**k is so small you wouldn’t notice a boner.

      • gumbypokey

        Steroids shrink the gonads, they have no effect on the penis size if you are using testosterone or a DHT derivative, in which case it may just increase the size.

  2. brick

    ” yeah I won’t say you look fat again if you promise to cut out the small dick comments.”

  3. What? A non-instagram picture of Kelly Brook?
    *checks to see if hell is frozen over

  4. “Yeah, I’m just going to hold my boob here, like this.”

    “And I’m gonna grab hold of my…”

  5. haha she photoshops EVERY single one of he IG photos, holy shit we arent that gullible to believe them are we

  6. MarketingMike

    I love Kelly, but the last 3 years every “live” shot looks 10lbs heavier
    then her latest Instagram picture. Hmmmmm……

  7. See? I told you my camel toe was bigger than yours!

  8. Given that they’re engaged, I hope she burns off those extra pounds for the eventual wedding dress photos.

  9. I’m sure they love each other for their personalities

  10. Swearin

    For half a second I thought this was Shailene Woodley and wondered how he didn’t break her during sex.

  11. When your girlfriend is Kelly Brook, it’s perfectly acceptable to play pocket pool in public.

  12. FreakNasty

    I like dudes

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