1. must be terrible to be his age and still be a virgin.

  2. Bonky

    That’s right, take a picture. Sure, I may only be four foot three, but look
    at all the pussy I get !

  3. anonymous

    So is he K Mart’s last remaining customer?

  4. She want’s to get away from him so much that she’s willing to walk through bushes in those heels

  5. “YEAH!!!! Fooled ANOTHER one!”

  6. Nice cargo pants, Spade.

  7. Hey guys! Guys! You taking photos over there? Look over here! Hey guys!!!!

  8. Dox

    I may be short. I may not be handsome. But Im sleeping with this tonight. Eat it.

  9. ” Hey! Check out the hotties who want me… Where are you going?

  10. hitler

    A bigger pud, I have never seen.

  11. Is that a K-Mart hat?

  12. When your whores don’t want to be seen with you in public, you know you’re way gone.

  13. I’m so grateful that I ran across this post. It reminds me that I don’t give two shits and a box of Rye Krisp whether or not this fucker lives or dies.

  14. Sloppy Redneck

    Don’t forget to wipe your dirt !!!

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