1. canter, gallop or ambling pace? I can never tell.

  2. Sarah Jessica Parker answering the press when they asked how old her daughter was.

  3. They call it trotting.

  4. Well aren’t you just the show pony.

  5. She’s really just making this too easy now.

  6. Hugh G. Rection

    The video is even better. She goes into a full gallop.

  7. And now for a Sarah Jessica Parker joke that doesn’t involve horses in anyway…nah…never mind.

  8. George P. Burdell

    She must have an audition coming up for the role of a Tennessee walker.

  9. cc

    That’s sweet, she’s teaching her to canter.

  10. norteco664

    Dis how horse walks

  11. Dox

    Did you want the sugar cube now, mommy?

  12. Its all fun and game when you’re horsing around but someone behind you is always bound to step in shit.

  13. “Come with me my little pony.”

  14. Mare and the little Fily

  15. Look sweety if you keep your hoof up they change your horseshoes.

  16. clippity-cloppity, clippity-cloppity

  17. She’s pretty good at dressage.

  18. ariel

    Hopefuly her husband Matthew Broderick isn’t driving anywhere near by; otherwise they’ll both soon be road-kill.

  19. jep

    Aw, whhatsamatta gir, throw a shoe again?

  20. I thought the mayor banned horses on public streets downtown. I guess it’s ok without the carriage or a cop on top eh?

  21. Sue the annoying feminist cunt

    this is why we need more women with large noses on TV. when a girl like Sarah J Parker or Lea Michelle comes along everyone calls them a horseface and cant fathom they they havent gotten their noses fixed, as if their faces are mistakes. if anyone saw these women irl no one bat an eye, but through a television screen? we can’t believe our eyes!

  22. ah, so she a Tennessee Walker.

  23. Looks like someone had Beefarino in their feedbag.

  24. It’s adorable now, but wait until she craps in the street.

  25. Johnny Barbells

    …i can see it now; your mouth slowly curling into a devilish smile and you begin to emanate a low, guttural chuckle the moment you came across this pic…

  26. Andie

    I don’t care I love her. I love everything about her outfit, she has fantastic hair. And look how cute that little girl is!

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