1. “Keep walkin’, trick….
    “Bitch betta have my money…”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Emma, Anna Mae, whatever, just sit down and shut the fuck up.

  3. cc

    Judge Joe brown, checkin’ out the action.

  4. cajunhawk

    You should do belong with us among the clouds…

  5. Is he… sleeping?

  6. It would be way cooler if Billy Dee knew where he was right now.

  7. “You poor blind man. Someone stole all of your pencils.”

  8. “Hello what do we have here?”

  9. A little Colt 45 should do the trick.

  10. fred

    Bitch, keep walkin wit dem thighs. Shiiiiaaaaat.

  11. Ralph

    He’s just glad to be still breathing. He’s just look’in. That don’t take much energy. Imagine if he had to get up…

  12. Hello Emma Slater.

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