1. “I get it Hulk.. It’s like a thermos.
    No, I do not want to call your daughter for confirmation”

  2. cc

    That’s not much of a wrestling ring…made of skipping rope.

  3. “I can’t believe it…Look! It’s Willard Scott! Willard! Willard! Look over here!”

  4. Hulk could take him

  5. I didn’t realize Oakley still made glasses that looked like that. I can hear the 90′s calling now.

  6. The day “you can’t see me” became “you can’t hear me”.

  7. Cena: If that old bastard screams in my ear one more time…POW! Right in Brooke’s play toy.


  9. “yeah Hulk, I remember ‘Hulkamania’…it was cool when I was a kid”

  10. They’re the same person born 20 some odd years apart. Both over-rated wrestlers with very limited wrestling skill who were pushed to be the biggest things in the business. Cena is infinitely more talented than Hogan, though.

  11. Johnny Barbells

    …then they’re not the same. j/k
    …hey, i love to diss hogan as much as the next guy, he’s a gigantic douche, and it’s easy to forget what a huge star he was in the 80′s (and also, that he actually could wrestle a little bit early in his career — see: japan), but, cena has never even come close to the stratospheric popularity hogan had in his heyday (nor his charisma, nor his ring psychology), no matter how hard they’ve pushed him. (i don’t even think cena’s as popular as flair)
    …but, i see what you’re saying.

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