1. JimBB

    And so, the world’s tiniest crack dealer once again brought a smile to the faces of junkies all the world over….

  2. I hear the faint screams of mothers all over the world.

  3. Frank Burns

    “Hey Mike,” asks Bobby, “who should we have fill out our tax forms this year?”

  4. The Dynamic Duo rides again!

  5. Hugh G. Rection

    If you play your cards right kid, you can grow up to piss away a fortune just like we did.

  6. “You thee, Bobby. Kidth have the beth ear meat. Not too tough, not too tender. Juth right.”

  7. lawn

    “Wemember how I thaid I’d eat your childwen?”

  8. So one is going to beat the kid up and the other one going to get him hooked on drugs?

  9. Robby

    “Rub his head. He magic!”

  10. crb

    Don’t you eat that baby, Mike Tyson!

  11. Vlad

    You muthst be thith tall for me to eath you

  12. coljack

    “Hey, Bobby, I named thith nektht twick after you. Watch me turn thith innothent little girl into a dethperate crackhead.”

  13. “Hey, Mike, wind it up again and let’s see what else it can do…”

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