1. Tiggles

    “I got this idea from my mayor pal Rob Ford . . .”

  2. Mista Snazzy

    Posing next to Colio?

  3. “Alright, good to meet you too, Eddie Murphy”

  4. Black is slimming on Rudy

  5. “2Pac? 2 Chainz? 2 Live Crew? Oh…you gotta go number 2. Right this way…TImes Square is just down the street.”

  6. fred

    “Yes, these are “mad stripes”. I bet you are familiar with a different kind of striped suit, son.”

  7. “Do I have to? Dammit, okay Darkie on three smile. One, two…”
    “Jeah Obama fuh Mayuh, PEACE!”
    “I gave up a head position with the Illuminati for this?”

  8. crb

    “I need Two, 2, TWO Lawyers to get me acquitted on soliciting!”

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