1. The height of those pockets v. where her ass actually is threw me off.

  2. Pretty much the most unflattering skirt she could wear.

  3. Mom Jeans skirt?

  4. I thought they were supposed to be “back pockets”, and not, you know, “back” pockets.

  5. Either she has the longest ass in history or she’s not wearing that skirt properly.

    • dennis

      That’s the new thing now. At first other girls were laughing but then the following week they go to the store to buy them too.

  6. She needs to throw that awful skirt away and set the trash bag on fire. Not even the homeless deserve to wear that crap.

  7. crb

    At least she’s not wearing those 1940s shorts from Coachella where it looks like they skinned an old lady’s couch -no, this is actually worse; forgetit.

  8. Phoenix

    Looks like she had one long ass day.

  9. PassingTrue

    Just because you can fasten them at the waist doesn’t mean they fit.

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