1. something about this……..eeewwwwwwwww

  2. Another couple minutes down there and it will be yogurt.

  3. Uhmmm one thing is bring the boys to the yard. This is quite another…

  4. What is the point in this?

  5. Milk, it does a pussy (no) good.

  6. You know plastic is permeable right?

  7. JimBB

    Somewhere in America, a cow just asked herself “What the hell am I doing with my life?”

  8. That’s cool that she can fill that jug from the side.

  9. brick

    Word on the street is that the gallon size was chosen because it was necessary.

  10. Apparently the local fertility clinic allows withdrawals by the gallon.

  11. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Not half-full, not half-empty, but sour. No doubt about it.

  12. that’s not milk, it’s her discharge catheter

  13. I’ve seen this movie before. Where’s the hot water bottle and the bardex catheters?

  14. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

  15. Milk. It does my boner good.

  16. I don’t think that’s O’Day. Wonder why she posted it, especially cropped like that.

  17. lawn

    Nice jugs.

  18. Little Tongue

    Can she really take all of that in? Impressive…

  19. George P. Burdell

    Waiting patiently for Miley’s response to this thoughtful and subtle post.

  20. I give her another month before she signs with Vivid Entertainment.

  21. Fancy Face

    Yay she’s learning! White walls don’t show photoshop ripples when you downsize a body part! I’m so proud! Also the partial nip slip. Way to keep it classy O’Day.

  22. Gin&Tonic

    Fuck if this doesn’t look like one of Terry Richardson’s “masterpieces”

  23. Pussies like to drink milk? WTF is the point of this photo?

  24. Cock Dr

    I appreciate it when people hang their mental quirks & illnesses right out like a flag for everyone to see. It takes some of the guesswork out of life.

  25. dennis

    WTF? There a cum stain on the lens.

    Rancid looking milk between her legs and carpet her bare ass is sitting on looks filthy.

    Even crackwhores have more pride than this.

  26. Jade

    Someone please show this poor girl some attention.

  27. anonym

    she’s clever with this message.

    she wants you to pour the milk in her twat and drink out of it

  28. Isn’t there usually a ransom note attached to a photo like this?

  29. little turtle head

    “The milks gone bad!!” in my Dave Chappelle playing Rick James voice….

  30. Swearin

    It does a body….good?

  31. Bonky

    Got Spunk ?

  32. MFer

    Not skanky in the least.

  33. Vlad

    The ghost of her last shred of dignity is escaping

  34. Her name is LARSEN SOTELO.

  35. coljack

    She’s so thoughtful. I often want to drink some milk after eating a cookie.

  36. damn she lost A LOT of weight pretty fast. looks slammin.

  37. oh and LOL at that not being her, wtf why can i not edit comments here btw

  38. PassingTrue

    If this was how milk was advertised, guys would not have to be reminded to stop at the store.

  39. moediggity

    “Oh…I know what I can do to get more publicity and take an even more shocking picture…I am going to get all naked except for my bra…but I will pull it down just a bit to show some nip…then I am going to spread my legs…but so I am not all “Vagina” I am going to put (looks around room)…this milk jug between my legs. This is going to be so HOT!”

  40. “Someone go tell he that milk’s getting too warm…”

  41. smacklip

    And ‘liquid lunch’ just took on a whole new (more nutritional) meaning…

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