1. if they ever create real time, real life photoshop coco, i might do you.

  2. That’s actually a regular sized bikini.

  3. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Since when does she have a face? We didn’t know who she is without the ass shot.

  4. I wonder what the PSI is.

  5. lawn

    I’ll hand it to her, she’s wise enough to leave the Photoshop work to the professionals.

  6. How do I get this as an early birthday present?

  7. Gin&Tonic

    At this point it’d be more interesting and unexpected if she was seen with her clothes ON

  8. Little Tongue

    Ok, Coco… What is it that you want from us, exactly? I just don’t get your offer.

  9. Probably about 15 years old.

  10. Cock Dr

    It’s a celebration of flesh, silicone & PhotoShop.

  11. dennis

    Has to be superold. How the hell did they make her bolt-ons move and looks a bit squishy?

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