1. That shelf solves the problem of my drink always falling off her head.

  2. Is it just me, or does she seem to be looking a little more like shit recently?

  3. oh no

    she’s getting chubby

  4. lawn

    Something about her makes me think that one day she’s going to get really old all of a sudden.

  5. She’s reaching that point where she needs not only Autotune but also Photoshop.

  6. Katy’s ready to promote the sequel of I, Robot: Artificial Unintelligence.

  7. charlesatlas


  8. Still dumpy and talentless.

  9. I would suck on her nipples until her ass implodes.

  10. She looks kooky, but natural. She grew up in church. let’s not forget, and looking hot and sexy isn’t necessarily the most appropriate look for her. She’s smart and she knows it.

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