1. Deuce

    Is this white Will Smith or one of those Frodos ?

  2. Deacon Jones

    “Hi, I’m white trash.”

  3. I was going to call him K-Fed’s retarded cousin, but well, they’re both retarded.

  4. homosapiens

    you know, sometimes things get missed for a reason

  5. Roofies Yum

    Heyyyyy youuuuu guuuuyyyyyys!

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Wow, Tobey Maguire has let himself go since hanging up his spidey-pants…

  7. When he goes outside Will Smith doesn’t sun-tan, he un-tans.

  8. sexyman48

    Can you believe this hobbit dated Evangelline lily?

  9. He’s got the good looks and style of that guy who rubs a greasy rag on my windshield.

  10. cc

    Joel Madden’s entry in the ‘Looking Bad-Ass’ contest went surprisingly poorly.

  11. If you scroll down you can see he’s actually carrying a big tray and selling popcorn.

  12. monkeyboy

    who knew Corky would have the greatest fame longevity after “Life goes on” was canceled.

  13. I feel SO evolved right now.

  14. lili

    It’s like he wanted to dress up real fancy, but, being the tremendous rebel he is, did exactly the opposite.

  15. sasha



    ‘Them all’ being fans of Vanilla Ice.

  17. the size of his golden cock ring is about what I expected.

  18. Hemingway

    How does one manage to look like more of a douche than race car drivers?

  19. He’s wearing his hat like a mentally retarded kid with cancer.

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