1. Cock Dr

    This gal obviously wants to be naked & no one should interfere.

  2. eatme

    Edward James Olmos?

  3. Daemon8666

    You could put this photo next to one of LiLo and call them “during” and “still during”

  4. Are you sure that’s not Mila Kunis?

  5. cut the shit cocktease lets see that ass or gtfo

  6. bob

    Needs to sort out her nails whoever it is.

  7. just lift it a little higher like you do in all your “stolen” pics.

  8. zoya

    It’s called an accent nail. Paint the ring finger a different color. Nothing wrong with her nails.

  9. Vanessa’s agent confirmed via Twitter that Lakers are indeed for lovers.

  10. Elle

    I hear stripper music in my head

  11. Joe Francis, I’ve come to the realization that your product is sub-par.

  12. Douchey McDouchealot

    you can see she has a bra on anyway, so bfd.

  13. Pete

    She’d be mortified if she knew that one of her mouse ears had come unpinned.

  14. Eli

    An accent nail? That’s like Indians that use their left hand for wiping their poop right?

  15. Beatnik

    No, Dad, I don’t know HOW people keep getting nude pictures of me! I blame hackers.

  16. Someone is taking the t-shirt message a little seriously.

  17. cc

    Never mind Vanessa, a lot of people have seen you from a perspective that only a gynecologist sees…raising your shirt a little bit is nothing.

  18. bradspithair

    Vanessa Uggens, you are not hot. You are a 5 at best! Go away cause it’s not gonna happen, may I suggest college? Hmmm.

  19. How does anyone care about her anymore? There’s no mystery left after all of her nudes, she just comes off as a dumb slut

    • care? mystery? just a dumb slut?

      Gentlemen, the above is all the proof you needed to understand that women today are completely out of touch with masculine society. I bet Kay sprays perfume on her pillows to try to “wow her man in bed”.

      • I just don’t ‘care’ about anyone that I don’t have respect for. And yeah, what you said is just it. She’s only seen as a body now, not a serious actress.

        And spraying my pillow would give me a headache :p

  20. H6E6X6

    There’s no way a dumb bitch who can’t act worth a shit and always “leaks” naked pictures of herself is going to get famous in Ameri…Oh right. *Puts loaded gun in mouth”

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