1. The Critical Crassness

    The guy behind her is thinking….”God damn, IT really is that big!”

  2. “Oh sure! They confiscate my bottled water but let this chick bring in watermelons. WTF!”

  3. Daemon8666

    This photo taken moments before he “stumbled”

  4. Elle

    Girlfriend, your ass is gonna need to buy a second seat.

  5. Some guys will look at any old big ass.

  6. Why is she checking out what people on the web are saying about her ass when the guy behind her is telling the whole story?

  7. Blech

    Boy George?

  8. Jill Ess

    Dressed like a terrorist! Bombs strapped to her arms, shall detonate if she is not engaged in 18 hours or less.

  9. cc

    ‘I was going to steal that purse but can’t get past her ass’

  10. JJ

    hahaha he is SOOOOO lost staring at that

  11. He is not staring at her ass. If you notice, his collar is popped. That means he is more likely staring disapprovingly at her purse/shoe combo.

  12. Eric

    Uncle Fester?

  13. Pete

    tap-tap-tap I am so tired of being asked to strip and remove my prosthetic ass!

  14. Beatnik

    Excuse me, ma’am, I just need to get around your ass. Okay, this could take a while.

  15. That dude might be looking at her arse, but I’m distracted by those armadillo arms.

  16. cc

    Tell me if you were young and could run really fast that it wouldn’t be a freakin’ hoot to run by and snatch that hat right off her head.

    I can imagine her text to her friend ‘WTF, some kid stole my hat! FFS’

  17. Daemon8666

    Did you pack that trunk yourself? Has your trunk been in your possession the entire time? Has any unknown person put any junk in your trunk?

  18. I thought River Phoenix was dead, and straight. Guess you can’t believe everything you read, weird.

  19. Manowl

    Don’t mess with her, she is a Fremen. They guy behind her is checking her Kwistatz Haderach…

  20. “oh no no no girlfriend…that purse does NOT go with that ass. But then…saddlebags are so airport unfriendly”

  21. H6E6X6

    Is it me or does this guy look disappointed staring at that ass?

  22. Anabel

    Haha That guy is her makeup artist Mario. Looks like he’s shy with all the cameras around.

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