1. ?

    Maybe he thinks the green shoes will distract people from the savage beatings?

  2. Cock Dr

    Let’s key his car.
    I’ve never done that, but douchebag deserves all the troubles big & small that can be mustered against his rampant douchebaggery.

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Don’t mention the green shoes! Don’t mention the green shoes! Last week he drove a car through a house because someone mentioned he was wearing green shoes the night he beat Rihanna!

  4. DKNY

    Hopefully he’ll get his aggression out on a punching bag instead of Rihanna or a window.

  5. Colin

    Why do people admire him? Woman-beating aside, he’s not even that attractive, and always dresses like a clown.

  6. I think he’s there to meet Bieber’s swagger coach.

  7. tito

    i think the incredible hulk shoes explain the anger issues.

  8. tito

    if the women beating stuff didn’t make you want to punch his face in, realizing that level of talent gets you that level of car will.

  9. Bucky Barnes

    He’s probably on his way to the pregnant aerobics class to box a few rounds.

  10. Elle

    Listen, The Lambo is tired of apologizing…

  11. “…and then I shoved her ass in the door like this…and slammed it on her like this…because bitch knows I don’t like tomatoes on my sandwich and she looked like she was going to put some on it.”

  12. sexyman48

    He’s going to hit the old bodybag aka his new girlfriend.

  13. cc

    He made Rihanna look like shit then he did the same to his Lambo. I wonder how much he paid Douchebag Customs for the paint job?

  14. He likes to workout on the speed-bag, but can really only get into it when the trainer puts some lipstick on it first.

  15. Eric

    With so many innocent, harmless people get assaulted everyday in the street for mere pocket change, we can’t get some transient to beat the shit out of this asshole?

  16. lili

    “Okay girl, now you’ll come over here and I’ll smash your face into this door. Get it? Geez, bitches are so slow.”

  17. Dutch

    Looks like he’s moved from assaulting Rihanna to assaulting fashion.

  18. He needs to hook up with Kim Kardashian. He can ass punch her all day and never hit anything solid, he works out his rage, and we don’t even have to care.

  19. DC Supreme

    I think the shoes are for picking up chicks. When he meets a girl he likes, she’s so busy staring at them, she never sees the punch coming. Then, it’s just a matter of how quick he can stuff her in his ugly-ass car and drive away.

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