1. diego

    Iiiiii’mmmm mmmmeeelllttttiiiinnnggg!!!

  2. Damn, she’s got rolls on her rolls. ugh

  3. Frank The Duck

    World Wildlife Fund made Sea World release the whales. Luckily they found a perfect substitute

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Ball’s back in your court Lady Gaga

  5. bonerofcuntention

    Chick behind her thinks she left something behind.

  6. turd da third

    who is the chick with the thunder thighs?

  7. She’s not nearly as horrible looking as Wikipedia says she is…

  8. gnarla

    Hey, that looks like me when I sit down. Except my tits are smaller.

  9. Bigalkie

    Look at me, I’m a pear

  10. cc


  11. sweetlips


  12. Jonas Grumby

    I usually just lift one leg to let go a fart, it must be real barn burner if she has to get up on both legs.

  13. Chewed bubblegum in a bikini.

  14. Gross!

    I’d still happily fuck her though.

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