1. King Diamond

    A mixture of someones grandma and Waldo.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Age has not been kind to Bugs Bunny

  3. El Jefe

    Someone’s grandma got lost on the beach.

  4. The Pope

    This is the best I’ve seen Janice Dickenson look in years.

  5. EricLr

    Possible locations of the fountain of youth:

    ….scratch off Maui

  6. His kind doesn’t usually move about until after the sun has been up a while and they can absorb its rays.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    What happened to Phoebe Price’s boobs?

  8. It’s good he’s protecting his skin from the suns damaging rays with a sunhat, Jlo taught him that! Looks like he’s giving us the middle “toe”.

  9. smoke

    My 83 year old grandmother para sailed in Mexico last year. I like to think she was dressed like this when she did it.

  10. Buddy the Elf

    Holy Shit I thought it was Joanne Rivers.

  11. Sleestak…definitely a sleestak. Dr. Will Marshall’s greatest nightmare has come true. They channeled the pylons’ power, found Earth, and now live amongst us as has-been rock stars.

    On a serious note – Dude, please stay inside! You’re bound to scare the children…and the elderly…and the middle-aged…

  12. Steven Tyler auditions to play Capt. Jack Sparrow just in case Johnny Depp bows out.

  13. Ask him how you can save 15% or more on your car insurance.

  14. Who cares about this ugly old woman? Was she famous once? Looks like her tits are hanging almost to her knees. Hey, if it turns out she is Mary Tyler Moore, then I take back what I said, cause she was cool.

  15. bonerofcuntention

    Almost made it to Arizona!

  16. Pat

    he felt down after the picture was taken

  17. turd da third

    I’m …too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my sandals, too sexy for..

  18. turd da third

    Great add for what drugs will do to you. To bad he wasn’t with Ozzy, they would make a great picture together. You could hang these in rehab places.

  19. gnarla

    Well someone needs a new hip.

  20. ¬°Don Quixote Spring Break 2012, bitchezzzz!

  21. Bigalkie

    Ummm, I hate to be rude Mr Tyler but we’ll have to ask you to stop drinking, we can’t have you falling over and bursting that colostomy bag and ruining the beach for all the other guests.

  22. So, do I look like Momms Mabley, or WHAT?

  23. Mandope

    His toes should be arrested.

  24. That’s not sand on his toes… he’s actually turning to dust as he walks.

  25. cc

    A creature beyond even Tolkien’s wildest imaginings.

  26. Cock Dr

    Please DON’T walk this way.

  27. Mike Walker

    If he gets lost he can live on that candy necklace for a week.

  28. pretty vacant

    i feel so betrayed by rocknroll.

  29. tlmck

    Damn! Enough with the pictures of Lady Gaga!

  30. Jill

    Someone’s ready for a diaper change.

  31. George Burdell

    Dude looks like a lady.

  32. Lala

    I think there’s a women in there struggling to get out

  33. Mrs. Salt

    Holy shit does Golum have a long ass crooked toe!!!

  34. JungleRed

    It’s a little late for that sun hat, Steve.

  35. …wait this isn’t burning man?

  36. Tits MacGinty

    See if you can guess which Olson sister I am ! Wheee.

  37. bethy

    Nucky Thompson patrols the beach.

  38. prissy

    what is this steven tyler week?? good grief enough already!

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