1. Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the fairest tucked in penis of them all…

  2. ticonderoga

    i wonder what face i can do to make my nose look as small as possible

  3. To the girls that submit their “ew” and “man” jokes as always happens, post a pic of yourself with no makeup. Sure, she is not traditionally beautiful but she’s proud of her looks and that’s nice since celebrities usually coat their faces in makeup.

    • Anon

      A ton of young women look good without makeup. And, the classy ones don’t take pictures of themselves staring into bathroom mirrors. Finally, the smart ones wouldn’t see a picture of themselves that looks like crap and put it on the internet for the world to see.

    • Mike Honcho

      Um, yeah… she does have makeup on. Get off your soapbox, lest you be beaten with it.

  4. Richard McBeef

    She doesn’t have to be ass ugly, she just wants to.

  5. Cannot be unseen burn my eyes

  6. Isa

    Such ugly looking fella

  7. Hutch

    theres a reason she usually covers her face..she knows she looks like Dee Snyder but only uglier.what a mutt

  8. DeucePickle

    Maybe dye those eyebrows or something

  9. smoke

    Wow. She is not very attractive.

  10. Jesus Christ, she looks like Groucho Marx without his mustache.

  11. GuyLeDouche

    Jame Gumb loves this new technology, he can film himself dancing and play the music at the same time…catch me if you can, Clarice.

  12. More like Lady Groucho, amirite?

  13. electricgrl

    Woah, that chick from Titanic must have done some mad heroin.

  14. “does this pose make me look like Scarlet Johansson’s leaked photo?”

  15. Gantry

    Big nose small brain.

  16. Randal

    He’s my kind of guy….

  17. Cock Dr

    Momma Mia, that’s Italian!

  18. Carolyn

    I have never thought she was ugly, just very unique looking. A lot of those Hollywood twits are interchangeable in looks–fake boobs, way too much plastic surgery, and the dopy red carpet poses they seem to specialize in.

  19. Bababa

    Is that Lady Gaga on the toilet? Looks like we can expect another hit single this summer!

  20. Sin

    Now we know why she wears all those outfits that cover her face.

  21. tlmck

    Another transgender beauty contestant.

  22. Blech

    Lady Gaga for Quilted Northern.

  23. definitely looks less disgusting without make up. still gross though

  24. mbcl

    “I’ll find out who hit me with that toilet paper wad if it’s the last thing i do !”

  25. turd da third

    I guess the cuffs and collars don’t match..

  26. Nicks

    Are you guys clueless? She’s wearing full on makeup. Just very natural looking. I mean, she looks good but don’t say she’s without makeup

  27. briana

    gay guys insert dicks here.

  28. claudia

    you’ll never see adele do this.

  29. High Brow

    A fuckin Blackberry?

  30. Shit! What a buzzkill.
    From Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr to this revolting big-beaked b_tch.

  31. prissy

    i knew the comments on this thing would be hilarious!
    you people never disappoint! ;)

  32. earlpants

    Flower over the right ear means “taken”. Flower over the left ear means “hermaphrodite”

  33. Ummm, Gaga??? Self-censorship? Learn it, please!!!

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