1. I want to watch that bunny eat a carrot.

  2. Must be cold out.

  3. JC

    Never let it be said that the Germans don’t have a sense of humor.

  4. This must be what George Clooney was looking at through his lens.

  5. B&WMinstrel

    That’s a good question, Timmy. Maybe I can put it this way. Imagine Micaela here at the Brandenburg Gate represents Germany and now imagine her dignity and self respect is Cyprus…

  6. JW

    Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids…

  7. So…what’s up doc?

  8. In Germany, you have a topless woman dressed as the Easter bunny in public and nobody gives a shit. Now if said topless woman was giving a shit in public, she’d be the most popular person in town.

  9. She needs to shave those whiskers.

  10. She really needs to do a better job of trying to draw attention to herself. Such a wallflower.


  12. John Travolta

    Funny when she has to lower one side to make her too high nipple almost level with the other one.

  13. *Pulls front pants pockets, inside out* Now, kiss my rabbit on the nose.

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