1. Minky Wail

    Where are the Indian, the Cowboy, and The Cop?

  2. I see he bought one of those Samsung Mega phones.

  3. nice bathrobe.

  4. “See, Nolte? It’s cool hobo, not just plain hobo.”

  5. Did he literally have a bathrobe or bath towels made into a coat? I am not sure if that is badass or not, but I am leaning towards yes.

  6. The coolest old man on earth.

  7. The guy behind him must be madly texting. “I’m walking behind fucking GANDALF right now!”

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Quentin Crisp is rolling in his grave.

  9. JO JO

    This outfit shall not pass

  10. “I must find a coat with a pocket large enough to accommodate my suitcase.”

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