1. MisterSHO

    His boner actually pulled his pant legs up.

  2. JC

    “Excuse me, Tiger? Did you hear the question? You’re thinking about a truck stop hooker, aren’t you?

  3. “Tiger, that’s my daughter… She’s 11…”

  4. Looking at this picture, its hard to believe that he was once the top golf golfer in the world, a navy seal in-training, and a waitress-in-parking-lot fucker. Life’s a bitch when you get caught with your pants down.

  5. Qmak

    Of all the revelations about Tiger, wearing short socks with dress shoes is the most disturbing.

  6. He’s starting to look Asian now.

  7. Almost a billion dollars and can’t afford the right socks and a toupee from the John Travolta collection.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …he’s a fucking billionare who’s banged more hot pieces of ass than you and i put together …he can wear whatever socks and be as bald as he wants.

    • anonymous

      …and he is drinking Aquafina. Even I don’t drink Aquafina and I’m broke. :o)

  8. It’s rare to see a balding black guy. They either have a full head of hair, or it’s shaved bald. It’s almost as rare as seeing a middle aged asian. They either look 12 or 80. Nothing in between.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …question; when you’re reading/commenting online, is it hard to see through those small eye holes in your hood? just curious…

  9. fred

    Confucius say, “two bottles of water and short pants better than one ball busting wife.”

    By the way, that’s Confucius. Sitting in the chair.

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Not pictured: Tiger’s face 10 seconds later, after being asked will he every win a major again.

  11. Looks like he needs to shoot for a hair plug in one.

  12. “I guess there’s nobody as good as I am who would bother with this stupid news conference.”

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