1. The three things that have made her rich and famous — her last name and both tits.

  2. tom

    Weird face.

  3. crb

    “My forehead freaks you out? Me too. I just smile until my face hurts. What do you do to cope?”

  4. I just want to motorboat her all day long.

  5. She’s looks like the Cheshire Cat. But the tits make it all better.

  6. I am quite familiar with this lady, I watch her tits cook sometimes. but did she get a breast reduction or a head enlargement? something’s…. not right with the boobies.

  7. “If I stopped showing cleavage, people will realize my head is way too big for these shoulders.”

  8. Johnny Barbells

    …i thought she was hot, until she stood next to menounos that one time…

  9. Yummmm…Giada De Laurentiis with rag├╣ alla bolognese and medallions of mozzarella with olive oil and fresh basil. Breakfast of champions!

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