1. Why is she wearing a Halloween mask?

  2. Odbarc

    Caution to faps from our youth;
    They look like that later on.
    Luckily I was shooting blanks back then so nothing has to crawl back in with regret.

  3. I think dicks have permanently disfigured her mouth.

  4. Oh, I still would. I’ve had a boner for this chick since I first saw “My Girl”

  5. Woody Allen

    She was so hot in “My Girl”

  6. “Mister Anderson! Surprised to see me? I made a few changes to my program…”

  7. Johnny Barbells

    …fuck all ya’ll …it’s shitty photo, this chick is sexy as shit, she’s great on veep, and it’s one of the best shows on TV.

  8. Beatfarmer66

    “Why so serious?”

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Her make-up artist goes by the name of Alan Smithee.

  10. jesus mary, she looks scary

  11. Good Titties…now sit…stayyyy…perfect! What a great rack.

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