1. Future sperm dumpster.

  2. Swearin

    I shudder to think what is skimmed out of that pool

    • Kevin

      The LA County Health Department requires that the pool water be 10% Clorox for the public’s safety at large.

  3. “Do you think I’m prettier than my father?”

  4. She is definitely going to have a few sextapes. The only thing stopping her is the legal age limit, she must be pining to release one, counting the days until she turns 18.

  5. Over the years, Kris Jenner’s photography skills have certainly improved.

  6. Robb7

    Love these little cunts with their rantings of wanting privacy and then they go a show their privates!!

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    She looks like she weighs as much as Khloe’s ass.

  8. Sylvester von Doom

    I really wish at least one of the self-absorbed, overly-entitled, absurdly wealthy and privileged young ladies we see so often here would make a 180-degree turnaround and, I dunno, spontaneously decide to say “fuck my family and the media and all of it” go to college, do well at it, and become an engineer or physicist or mathematician and just do their own very cool thing. Even Paris Hilton. How cool would it be if she just fucking went to Africa and started really helping people in a village or school? And never came back? EVEN if she became, like, a supervillain and started fucking with the whole celebrity dynamic and doing really mean, expensive-to-execute and totally anonymous “Project Mayhem / Fight Club”-type missions on her fellow celebs? The world would be such a better place…

  9. Bonky

    You know what’s creepy ? Her mother took this picture.
    Yeah, think about that for a minute….

  10. If you still have a belly when you lift your arms above your head then you are fat. Good try on hiding it though…

  11. just like all the other Kuntdashian/Jenner spawn = DOG FACE.

  12. hoi polloi

    She looks like the type that did time at Bill Clinton’s/Prince Andrew’s buddy’s island compound in the Caribbean. Very oversexed for a young lass.

  13. tlmck

    Kylie de la Huerta.

  14. You folks can think whatever you want, but I think the Jenner sisters are beautiful.

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