1. Hellisforsissies

    Like so many women before her, Carrie immediately lost her hotness after catching her man! WTF has happened to this girl, she looks like somebody’s old maid sister.

  2. LambOfTheCloth

    Yup, makes perfect sense that someone like Carrie Underwood thinks there’s a reason to honor George H. W. Bush. Yup.

    • cc

      I didn’t want to open that can of worms but since you have…did any triple amputee Iraq war veterans get an invite? Maybe to get an expression of sympathy and a helping hand? No? Didn’t think so.

      • Me

        Wrong president. Perhaps you should make sure it’s the right person before you talk out of your ass. Yep, thought so.

  3. Arzach


  4. Lis

    she looks like Sasquatch Kardashian in the facial region

  5. Deryn

    Okayfine with the snarking, but I want that hair.

  6. That’s fair, Dubbaya voted for her like 150 times.

  7. Her arm hair and eyebrows indicate to me that the carpet wouldn’t match the curtains.

  8. KWDragon

    “Bwaahaha, Canada can suck it, bitches!”

    Seriously, you can see that exact phrase in her smirk. It was the secret phrase to get in the door at the GW Bush event. When Cheney says it, it’s epic.

  9. Nobody's Second Cousin

    Ahem. George H. W. Bush. George Bush, Senior. Not Dubbya.

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