1. Hellisforsissies

    She looks as good as she sings….which btw, isn’t a compliment!

  2. Bucky Barnes

    Suddenly Charlie Sheen breaks from the crowd and attempts to snort the lines off her dress. Winning!

  3. cc

    ‘Maybe if I put the key to my chastity belt where everyone will see it…’

    • Brent

      She dated John Mayer. Chaste girls don’t date John Mayer. Nor do innocent girls, nor sweet girls, nor smart girls…you get the drift.

      Seriously, though, Taylor Swift is about as wholesome as a bowl full of Cookie Crisp that has actual cookies substituted for cereal. She’ll be the James Bond of the female music scene before long, with an unending line of conquests and a couple dozen STDs.

      • Bj

        Where the hell did you get that metaphor? She’s “about as wholesome as a bowl full of Cookie Crisp that has actual cookies substituted for cereal”?? Jesus christ, man, if you’re not clever don’t try. Also, we all know you’re disappointed that John Mayer turned you down, but if you weren’t such a dumbass you’d see he doesn’t swing that way.

  4. her eyes are turning Japanese I really think so.

  5. Senor Trout

    Taylor Swift with hair straightened: WINNING. Taylor Swift looking like this: semi-classy Cyrus cousin.

    • Senor VonBonBons III

      Agreed. The curls look like a HIDEOUS MESS on her. When she had her hair brown and blonde, straightened with bangs she looked like a japanese sexbot.

  6. KC

    If she’s the key master then I’m Zuul, the Gatekeeper.

  7. lauryn

    HAHA looks like t swift shops at anthropologie

  8. My boss is 56 and he loves Taylor Swift. That’s super creepy, right?

  9. Josephus

    Taylor Swift at the London premiere of her new film, “Paul.”

  10. DonDopey

    So Jim Brown is Taylor Swift’s bodyguard now?

  11. noooooooo

    Awfully rude of her to dangle the key to the only weapon that can kill her on a necklace.

  12. So many key and chastity belt jokes, so little time.

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