1. Hellisforsissies

    This is about as original as the show he is on, “Glee”. And it sucks ass just as bad!

  2. cc

    ‘Chord Overstreet’? I hate him already.

  3. Colin

    Um…. I think he’s asking to be pegged.

  4. Cock Dr


  5. Who is this dude anyway? For that matter, who is the guy with his pants down?

  6. Daemon8666

    Just because she’s the man in the relationship…

  7. Arzach

    This is proof that Hellen has become a very famous person, she even has an impersonator

  8. Tik

    She won’t be smiling like that when she realises that’s a guy

  9. Brent

    Some crap, it’s ok to miss.

  10. Eli

    Well that explains the lesbian haircut.

  11. Den what happens is dey eat da poo poo.

  12. krisps

    I hope for this guy’s sake that Usher isn’t looking for a new Bieber to prod.

  13. Charmless Man

    Oh. Oh Chord. Oh buddy. No. No no no.

  14. Deb

    Uuuhhh, this pose kind of… a pedophile magnet.

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