1. Deacon Jones

    “Do you want to eat my bandana?

  2. Hellisforsissies

    Frankly, I didn’t think you could go downhill any farther than you already had today, BUT, I was wrong…..Juliette Lewis in a bikini, O MY F’ing G! That is like a picture of a twig in strips of cloth! Very sexy…..NOT!

  3. All that is rough in the world

    Well, looks like id still lend Juliet a finger to suck on. Still holding up nicely.

  4. Bucky Barnes

    Is the bikini top just there to attract sympathy? It doesn’t appear to serve any other purpose.

    • Cock Dr

      True, she is very modestly endowed.
      But IMO it’s better than implants.
      The top covers the sacred nipples, which many societies still raise quite a ruckus over if they’re seen in public.

  5. PtC

    I dunno, she has no tits, but for a 37 year old I think her body’s looking good.

    • JC

      Agreed. I’ll take her over Taylor Momsen’s pudgy, shlumpy teen lesbian entourage any day.

    • Hellisforsissies

      I’d still need two bags for her face…one to cover it and a second one just in case the first one slipped off.

  6. chainsawbuzzkill

    Hands down my favorite crazy person. (Honorable mention: the woman next door who plants strawberries and fertilizes them with her own shit.)

  7. Joe Blow

    Could be worse guys…. it could be photos of Samantha Ronson.

  8. DUDE, you’re right…up close it IS a chick.

  9. JJ

    Maybe you can’t be too rich, but she’s proof that you definitely can be too thin!

  10. Daemon8666

    I think she made that top out of Beavis and Butthead’s protective cups.

  11. LJ

    I guess we didn’t miss any tits on the Internet yet again today. Good to know.

  12. I thought that guy was with Linda Hogan?

  13. Feetsthss

    I’m glad that little naked Vietnamese girl from LIFE magazine turned out OK.

  14. Whatever used to be wrong with Juliette Lewis’s face has spread to the rest of her body.

  15. Dan

    I can understand Sean Penn growing his hair out…but why the bikini?

  16. f*ck2rock2

    Her body looks great. So refreshing to see a woman with a real, healthy body who has her own quirky style. So what if she doesn’t have huge (fake) tits? She is real and she is herself, not trying to be an object.

  17. Outspoken

    Time to buy some bolt-on tits! Quick!

  18. Seriously, it’s hard to believe she and Snooki are the same species.

  19. justuhbill

    Why is she doing her impression of Jim Carrey as the chick bodybuilder from In Living Color?

  20. Josephus

    The dude on the left…is that Brad from “Home Improvement?”

  21. DeucePickle

    Guess there is something worse than the new Wonder Woman costume, just had no idea they were making an Olive Oyl movie. Pretty convincing though.

  22. mikehunt

    Every time I see her, lines from ‘The Other Sister” run through my mind.

    “I want it to be speshul, Danyulllllllll”

  23. DonDopey

    The Ghost of Patrick Swayze is rushing to inform her what the hell “Vaya con Dios” means.

  24. Jovy

    Nice abs though.

  25. SHump

    I think she looks great.

  26. Sir, I rode with Jax Teller, I knew Jax Teller, Jax Teller was a friend of mine.
    Sir, you’re no Jax Teller.

  27. dontlooknow

    So THAT’S what a cyborg looks like!

  28. Awesome, Jim Carrey is making is a feature of Veracosa.

  29. I’m not sure if she’s 15 or 50.

  30. Senor VonBonBons III

    Properly installed B-Cup implants and a rhinoplasty to loose the hooked beak and she’d be ahead of 75% of the under 30 celebrity tartlets out there.

  31. alex

    Great bod, who cares if her tits are “in-ies”? I think one of the sexiest things about her is that she clearly doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks (including the internet and hollywood, etc.). Strong women are sexy.

  32. Charmless Man

    Juliette Lewis – Go To Girl for crazy skank roles since 1991.

  33. Amy

    Minus the questionable bandana, I think she looks adorable.

  34. Deb

    Aww. She’s just standing awkwardly. I think she looks good!

  35. Oz Matters

    More chance of finding a Higgs boson than a Lewis bosom.

  36. melinda

    She looks insanly young, love it!

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