1. Hellisforsissies

    At least in this picture you can’t see Noahs gnarly teeth. Too bad you can’t see Miley’s boobs either!

  2. cc

    Hey there Mr Optician, can you please find some glasses that make my head look rounder and more pumpkinish?

  3. That can’t be Miley. The girl in the pic is wearing a bra!

  4. passing the torch to the next generation of white trash.

  5. Colin

    I still want to know who names a girl Noah. Did they just open the Bible and the first word that Billy Ray could sound out went on the birth certificate?

  6. …and somewhere Billy Ray cries in his tacos

  7. Beatnik

    Did Noah start out as a boy until Billy Ray and Tish realized that girls bring in more money as coked out pop stars?

  8. Daemon8666

    So who’s in on the famous girl’s little sister pregnancy age pool?

  9. Snickers

    Ugliest kids alive

  10. Arzach

    Wow , the little girl looks even more like her father, poor little girl.

  11. nothing compliments bike pants like a classic polo.

  12. Her sister is a House Elf? Does she still have to call herself by her first name only or has she been emancipated from the rule of Cyrus tyranny by a wizard?

  13. I bet her “sister” just might be her daughter… Billy Ray knows… Oh, yes… He knows…

  14. Noah can’t sing or act, but she can cook up a tree full of cookies like nobody’s business.

  15. DeucePickle

    “You gotta wear tighter pants like me if you want that camel toe to really poke out in the pichers”

  16. DonDopey

    I can’t figure out who had more ‘shine.

  17. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Lindsay and Ali together again.

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