1. cc

    I go from Kate Winslet to this? What the hell, is this some kind of a cruel joke?

  2. Hellisforsissies

    Another “troll” picture just for Fish’s buddy, Charlie Sheen.

  3. Does Revolution make bags to put over ewoks heads?

  4. cc

    Keep your knees together Snooki. I mean seriously…KEEP YOUR KNEES TOGETHER!

  5. Revolution? i thought it was revulsion.

  6. Cock Dr

    That deer in the headlights look.

  7. True Religion…ironic, because no just god would have let this happen.

  8. LongTimeListener, FirstTimeCaller

    I hope that some of Revolution’s eyewear is beer goggles.

  9. Daemon8666

    I bet the next pix shows those two chair legs twisting and breaking like the supports on Scarlett Johansson’s bra.

  10. Douche Eyewear, Douche Eyewear, Douche Eyewear, Douche Eyewear

  11. Signing autographs for Ed hardy fans is actually the closest she gets to douching.

  12. Josephus

    I didn’t know Roseanne got extensions.

  13. Tip Your Veal

    Since when does an eyewear company want people to gouge their eyes out?

  14. She has to be promoting Beer Goggles.

  15. Reece

    “Affliction Eye-wear” each pair comes doused in eye herpes so you too can have a little part of her affliction…

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