1. cc

    I hate Evan Rachel Wood, but I love me some Kate Winslet. The last three movies I saw her in she had some pretty hot sex. Any actress that is willing to do that is probably dynamite in the sack. I bet she even moans with an accent.

    • Cock Dr

      I too appreciate Ms Winslet’s uninhibited approach to her craft.

    • Dino Spumoni

      I’m not arguing with you but why do you hate ERW? She’s not a talentless hack, she’s pretty, she keeps to herself. She’s not handing paparazzi cash under the table to conveniently show up where she is. So she has [really] questionable taste in men. Surely that isn’t cause to HATE her? Just asking.

  2. tits

    WOW I thought that was Laura Linney

  3. Hellisforsissies

    You can see the effect exposure to Marlyn Manson has on a woman. Evan Rachel Wood is so pale she looks like a cadaver next to Kate. And Kate is from England, where the sun doesn’t shine for months on end.

  4. never thought i would want a threesome with a vulcan and a vampire.

  5. …know how I know that guy behind them is gay?

  6. Arzach

    Both of them are gorgeous, Kate has been always gorgeous even when she was chubby she is crazy hot.

  7. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I love Kate. She is both attractive and insanely talented which is a hard to find in Hollywood. Or on planet Earth.

  8. Senor Trout

    Its great to see Renee Zelwegger out at an HBO funct — whaaa? That’s who? GTFO!

  9. kc

    i seriously thought this was portia de rossi posing with a wax likeness of herself. whoops.

  10. oh what the hell, flap flap flap flap.

  11. Uncle Caw-yin

    Requisite “I’m going to get very, very ugly in this miniseries so remember I’m hot” red carpet appearance

  12. Aging that well is…highly illogical.

  13. Carson

    Ah! Madonnas!

  14. I want to fuck Kate Winslet so bad! :)

  15. I’m sort of afraid of Kate’s eyebrow, but I simultaneously want to rub my face all over the rest of her. I strongly suspect that’s exactly the effect she was going for.

  16. Josephus

    Did I just get a boner from The Rock?

  17. Sweet! Hot sex scene in the next Star Trek movie!

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