1. Do_Freebird

    Only the Japanese, only the Japanese…….


  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Who knew pelvic bones were inflatable?

  4. Shasta

    I can’t think of single thing that I don’t hate about this creature.

  5. Ugliest leprechaun ever.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    And with a wave of the fairy’s magic wand Comic Sans became a real person.

  7. fartbucket

    The guy in the back thinks it’s the real life Wendy from the burger joint.

  8. The Japanese gave us Anime, Pokemon and Nintendo, and in turn we export this shit? I guess that’s what happens when you lose a war.

  9. Double-J

    LA to Tokyo, that’s some serious jet drag.

  10. bigalkie

    Yummm, form fitting.. Belch!

  11. j/k


  12. Deacon Jones

    Digital Underground is getting back together?

  13. Frank Burns

    Its must a holiday in Japan, “Human Turnip Day”.

  14. Raoul

    The atomic bombing, the earthquake, the tsunami, they handled them all with an honorable resiliency. But this final blow was just too much.

  15. It went largely unreported that the Hello Kitty factory next to the Fukushima nuclear power plant was mysteriously sealed off from all outsiders after the meltdown. But a year later, a creature has emerged…

  16. Contusion

    Does she get Katy Perry’s used and abused wigs handed down or something? They look like they come from Party City.

  17. prissy


  18. [img] challenge-340_292.jpg[/img]

    And I think Japan trumps your Laos.

  19. Slippinx12

    In every picture of her there is an asian guy in the background yelling kill it, kill it with fire!

  20. tlmck

    She was all set to play an alien in the new Star Trek movie, but producers decided not to go for the WTF rating.

  21. spartacus

    I just don’t get her appeal at all

  22. EricLr

    And here they thought the worst thing we could ever do to them was drop those atomic bombs.

  23. journalschism

    Black Phyllis Diller. Sorry, African-American.

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