1. Genuine feminine beauty! Thank you Rebecca for sharing this precise hint of your naturally perfect form, fit, and function.

  2. contusion

    I guess there are different ways of proving your womanhood.

  3. So that’s where she keeps all the rings?

  4. This is how a party girl looks at 5 am after she’s done all the coke and expects you to get more. Not someone going to a red carpet premiere.

  5. Tit tit, tittly tit tit…yum yum…titty titty, tit tit. (looks like the right headlight is out, though)

  6. Is it cheaper if the set doesn’t match?

  7. Who did her implants? Dr. Nick?

  8. Thank you for bringing the nipples, Rebecca. Adrianne, are you going to let this upstart show you up at your own premier?

  9. Jade

    She has unfortunate breasts. She should have worn a bra.

  10. mike

    I googled to see if this was just a really bad picture of her, but it turns out she’s British.

  11. Does Walmart sell bras that are D cup on the left side and A cup on the right? Cuz she needs one.

  12. couldn’t afford the right one. sad.

  13. If you look really hard, you’ll see that her right boobs nipple is actually on her forehead. Ha, ha! Classic Ferdinando.

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