1. Inner Retard

    I know it’s raining. But no way I’m singing!

  2. The please say something so I can beat you to death pose.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “I feel pretty, motherfucker. Oh so goddamn pretty.”

  4. Jilll

    “What a glorious feeling, I’m unhappy agian”

  5. j/k

    Don’t let that WWE belt go to your head. Stormshadow has a sword.

  6. Bring on the white ninja.

  7. I think we all smell what you’re cooking, dude.

  8. “These ninjas are about to get fucked up. Especially the white one.”

  9. Oldnslo

    If I look like a princess holding an umbrella, imagine what you pussies look like holding an umbrella!

  10. bbiowa

    Smells like wet ninja.

  11. JennywithaY

    He’s haunted by the ghost of Gene Kelly!

  12. Jerkposter

    rocky SUCKS!!
    rocky SUCKS!!
    drop the belt already you part time wrestler..

  13. Never been a fan of wrestling but he makes some awesome movies!

  14. AnnaD.

    Love this guy.

  15. That umbrella is going to be somebody’s enema.

  16. Someone should tell him he looks like a queer holding that umbrella. and then run away really fast.

  17. navvet75

    his name is Dwayne (lisping)

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