1. ThisWillHurt

    “It’s so realistic.”
    “It’s a lifeless dummy.”
    “It can’t do anything accept stare and take its shirt off!”
    “I want it for my next movie!”
    “It has the emotional range of a cinder-block and doesn’t move!”
    “Someone draw up a contract!”

  2. And moments later a bidding war erupted between Tom Cruise and John Travolta for the statue.

  3. Photo Boy missed the shot of the drop-down butt flap in the pants.

  4. So wax, makes it less gay?

  5. Still a lot more human that Kristen Stewart.

  6. Seacrest couldn’t resist lifting the shirt up to see if it matched his recurring dreams (it did).

  7. Holy fuck, that’s an uncanny resemblance.

  8. The waxy douche is waxy.

  9. It looks nothing like him, he’s breathing with his mouth closed.

  10. Even his wax statue can’t keep its shirt on.

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