1. CrashHell

    Mind the gap

  2. You can drive a Mack truck right up the middle of that.

  3. Beer Baron

    Is that Bieber?

  4. That’s the face her plastic surgeon made when she came back for her 2 week postop check up.

  5. Errrmegeeerrrrd! Errt’s Currrbra!

  6. Her boobs are not speaking to each other.

  7. She’s fucking sexy.

  8. Techman

    Are there no qualified plastic surgeons left in Hollywood these days? I’ve seen strippers with better boob jobs.

  9. Jade

    She needs to get her money back for that boob job.

  10. Seriously? They do a Red Carpet “Premier: for “GI Joe”? Really? Hollywood keeps turning out shit and carrying on like it’s “Gone with the Wind” meets “Citizen Kane”.

  11. mike

    Not shown: mirror

  12. Dress by Moses of Egypt.

  13. she asked her surgeon for the 1930′s black/white special. “Make them separate, and not equal.”

  14. She comes with a built in drink holder.

  15. And that’s why the Home Boob Job Kit never sold well

  16. Timothy

    “Is The Rock looking at my butt again?”

  17. There’s just about enough space for my dick in there. Who am I kidding, there’s space from three of my dicks.

  18. Her boobs are so odd that no one even notices she is feverishly working her snatch.

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