2. Her right butt cheek is deflated.

  3. bdog821

    St. Butt’s

  4. Dear lord, why have you forsaken me.

  5. Is the truth in there?

  6. JennywithaY

    That is the face of a woman that knows exactly what she’s doing.

  7. Jentilly

    Hope no one noticed I farted….

  8. I hesitate to disparage her because she battled depression (which I know something about) and has made multiple suicide attempts, but what a nasty, nasty ass.

    • Beautifulist

      Why do all pretty models and celebrities try to commit suicide??? They have looks, money, and fame, but it’s just never not enough for them, perhaps they are being brainwashed by the radio. I don’t know, but it’s just odd. Or, maybe their life has just become too easy since they don’t have to really do anything besides hiring people to wipe their asses.

      • Well, when you create an entire career and life based solely on your looks and then eventually start to get old and lose said looks, you may start to get a little depressed. Now throw in that people no longer put up with your bullshit, men stop doing things for you, “Because they’re just so nice” and you see yourself being replaced by an even more retarded 6-foot 14-year-old girl, you can imagine how the depression would set in. Oh ya, don’t forget, your sole source of income (Your looks) fade more and more each year until eventually people say things like, “Well, hey… at least you made a ton of money. You must have some left, right?!”.

      • All that being said, that really is a gross looking ass.

      • And nobody wants to get near this one now . . . just look at it!

  9. nk

    white butt

  10. Normally, I am a strenuous opponent of the oppressive shackles of pants – for her, I’d make an exception.

  11. jenna

    She was my girl crush for YEARS back in the 90′s….I would have given anything to look like her.

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