I’d like to take a bite out of that.

  2. Inner Retard

    Safest place for a burger. In the hands of a model. It’s like Casablanca to them.

  3. “Guys, this is okay, but I would rather have that big black microphone over there. “

  4. 100% Jewburger…. A little toasty..
    PS: It’s cool, this is like the n-word for my people…

  5. Jilll

    I’m really tired of the glamorization of bulemia…wait, was she actually pretending like she would eat that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “This isn’t hamburger. It’s 100% seal . . . I’ll let that sink in.”

  7. “There. I have eaten one sesame seed. May I go and throw up now?”

  8. She loves it double stacked.

  9. She holds in her hand more calories than she has eaten in the past year.

  10. bbiowa

    Is it seal meat?

  11. tlmck

    She gained ten pounds through osmosis.

  12. Mayor Bloomberg just had an aneurysm seeing that picture.

    Thanks, Heidi – you’re the best!

  13. dude

    Heidi, it’s time to hang it up. You tired whore.

    The Internet

  14. AnnaD.

    I hate it when they advertise chocolate & fast food with super-skinny people.

  15. Show some respect. She just gave birth to that. Like the Human Centipede – “It’s 100% medically accurate.”

  16. How come in the pictures the hamburger is stacked like that, but it’s much flatter when I get one for real?

    How come in the pictures Heidi Klum is stacked like that, but she’s much flatter when I see her for real?

  17. Carl’s Jr. has the stupidest ad team EVER. Sure, they get talked about so to them that = brilliant. eh, the pretty girl ads are preferable to the ads where shit is dripping everywhere, still HATE them.

  18. The sad part is, after eating that one little snip the rest will get thrown in the trash.

    • Mama Pinkus

      or maybe it all gets eaten and barfed

      doesn’t this gal have kids? what do they think of her twittering fuck me pics?

  19. I saw this picture and couldn’t figure which I wanted to eat more, Heidi or the burger.

  20. Holding in her hand roughly two weeks’ worth of food for the typical model.

  21. Damn, Seal is going to have to find a better place to hide his hamburgers than in his camera room.

  22. “I don’t always eat meat, but when I do, I make sure to consume all the virgin altar boys; blood so I remain eternally youthful.”

  23. Two of the things in this picture are much greasier and flatter in real life.

  24. Pete

    She looks MUCH younger and sexier here than in those recent candids of her from the Oscars with the super low-cut dress, which tells me something….this photo above is ALL PHOTOSHOP.

  25. Gary Grant

    I was expecting a roast beef sandwich.

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