1. I just can’t stop laughing at this

  2. the way i like to see this picture:
    he’s just seconds from going under the bulldozer.

  3. Nothing unusual here.

  4. gaysha

    “you know how i know you’re gay?” *points to this pic*

  5. Damn it Lea Michelle’s at it again, this guys is about to dance himself to death off of a bridge.

  6. meeps!

    On a very “special” episode of Glee…

  7. ultra

    Glee? You don’t say…

  8. Inner Retard

    Chord had a weird kink. When no one was looking he loved to reenact the Maxell tape commercial.

  9. ‘Didn’t know who that kid was… but instantly knew he was from “Glee”.

  10. Trying to learn how to throw? First rule of the lesson don’t throw your wrists out, people will think your fluffy.


  12. Bryan

    I was 30 seconds into Googling that guy to see what kind of idiot name “chord” is before I realized it’s like a MUSIC chord. I was pronouncing it like chard, with an O.

  13. I’ve never seen an episode of Glee, but this picture does validate my expectations.

  14. Schadenfreude

    This is how Lamar did his limp-wristed javelin technique in Revenge of the Nerds.

  15. Swearin

    Everyone knows you’re never supposed to go full retard

  16. “Golly, let’s see what happens after I throw all of these magic beans on the ground…”

  17. “Here, catch…*snap* OWWW-OWWW…My shoulder. Shit, there goes my pitching career (at least as far as baseball goes).

  18. Natty Ice

    When in doubt, shake it out.

  19. There’s a party in his head and nobody was invited.

  20. What the fuck kind of name is Chord?

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