1. In my mind, like a dick, I was all, “what the fuck is wrong with that kids leg,” and then I was like all, “shit dude, chill out, you dick.”

  2. “I cannot believe I have to hold your hand – here, just hold my finger for the camera and let’s get done with this, you filthy peasant.”

  3. iHate

    “Don’t worry little friend, just follow your dreams. I remember when I was young like you are I followed my dream to be a soccer pl…I mean a chess player.”

  4. meeps!

    I had a Pinocchio joke in the chamber and just couldn’t pull the trigger. He looks like a good kid.

  5. That kid’s leg looks more realistic than Chuck’s hands.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I think all Prince Charles pics need to come with audio.

  7. Ruckus

    “Boop! Gotyer knob!”

  8. “Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”
    “I’m sorry, my dear boy…even though this is your Make A Wish, “fondled by a royal”, molesting you with one good leg, is very unsportsman-like. Perhaps Woody is available.”

  9. “Okay old chap, time for a magic trick. Pull one’s finger.”

  10. Swearin

    “Well, I’m privileged to have met you, young man. Now we just need to get that leg of yours hollowed out, put a vial of a new, uh….medicine I’m developing into it, and you’ll be ready to meet the Queen!”

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    “I see Mummy already ate your better tasting leg. Damn bitch always gets the choicest cuts.”

  12. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Perhaps one day your misstress will be much less attractive than your wife.”

  13. Taylor Swift's Tampon String

    “Pull my finger kid.”

  14. Natty Ice

    “You kick me one more time and I will have you beheaded!”

  15. “You poor child. How are you going to get me crumpets with a prosthetic leg?” You’ll figure it out. Chop chop.”

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