1. who’s walking Lena?

  2. Her sense of style is horrid.

  3. ultra

    The dog’s making a break for it while she’s uncharacteristically encumbered by clothes.

  4. The dog’s training to pull a Xander Jones.

  5. Dox

    You shop at Goodwill too?!?!?

  6. Ruckus

    “I’m walking dinner right now, what are you up to?”

  7. fred

    Lena: And then I was like, do I wear the coat AND scarf, or will other New Yorkers just look at me and think that I’m a tourist? I shouldn’t be viewed as a tourist-just someone who is really, really cold. Right? Am I right?

    Dog: If I get through a little piece of this leash every day, I will be gone by Friday.

  8. “Lena. It’s Woody. The dog works for me. He will take you to the drop point. If I don’t get my kiddy porn back in mint condition, I will release nude photos of you…what?! You’re shittin’ me!”

  9. which ugly dog is walking which?

  10. Mellllzy

    I know as a complete package her body is not great, but I think she’s got awesome tits.

  11. “Yes, it’s done, Mia. Oh, I blasted him totally. He won’t be making any more movies in this city!”

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